Where is Winnipeg Located?


Get on to the Low chill wind is very common in winter and summer produces Tornado, sometimes. Spite of the winter prevalence upon weather, frost free weather has been there in this city. Visit the location today for the best possible reason.

The history of Winnipeg comprises by indigenous population at the initial stage. History in depended on its geography too. Winnipeg is surrounded by four major rivers. They are Assiniboine, La Salle, the Red, and Seine. The red has flooded this city severely in 1826. The flood prompted the provincial government to protect the city by building a Red River Floodway. It has large lakes and parks, mainly close to Canadian Shield Lake. It has tall grass prairie in its west side, the aspen parkland in its northeast and on the south the prairie. There is less grass at present as for agriculture and urbanization.

Prairie land and the cute animal playing in the lush greenery is the image we have all come across on internet. The small grassland has formed topography of its own. Canadian Prairies give Winnipeg different humid continental climate. July is the summer season here, which keeps 19 degrees as temperature. The coldest weather remains throughout the year. It is driest time of the year too. The temperature goes down to -40 degrees centigrade also. Winnipeg is the second sunniest city in Canada.

Winnipeg points of interest

  • Winnipeg Art Gallery is the 6th Largest galley in the world and Canada‚Äôs Oldest gallery. It is located in the heart of the city. It has vast and rich collection, which is a pride of the city dwellers. It shows events and e-shows. To watch them, you must land into that city. You can find unique gifts from Canadian artists.
  • Assiniboine Parks is the attraction you cannot miss. It has conservatory which keeps 8000 flowers, tress, plants etc. It grows profusely for its climate and palm houses. vast green is the main reason you will love this park. This park and English garden is open to all free of charge. A large rose garden is divided into four sections and guarded with fish filled lily garden.
  • Theater, Pavilion, Zoo this are some of the name where people gather with enthusiasm and discuss the prosperity of the culture and art. The historical art and present culture intermingled here.
  • The Forks is the loveliest place in the world. Be it any season this spot is the most favorite in all season among tourists. It possesses natural, historic and manmade features together.

People love to enjoy their spare time with loved one and certainly they will visit Winnipeg of Canada.


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