Sudan is located in the southern part of Sahara. The civil wars is been running for more than 40 years, in Sudan. We went to Sudan for traveling, business purposes and many reasons. Sudan is the part of the Kingdom of Kush which was a Nubian state. From History, we come to know that Sudan was established after the Bronze Age falls down. It is situated on the confluence of the Blue Nile and the White Nile. Kushites conquered the land from when they were at their best. The Sudan place is known for saving the Israelites from the Assyrians. It is diverse in geographical and cultural ways. The Nile River has cut through the Sahara region. Agriculture played a major part. Here the staple crops like dates, beans, onions, and tomato growing. The east and west part is covered by the mountains. This land belongs to the kingdoms of Kush, Meroe, and the Land of Seti.

Sudan is situated in the tropics area. The climate here ranges from hyper-arid in the north to tropical wet and dry in the southwest. In Sudan there is tropical and wet and dry weather remains throughout the year. The place is confined within Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. The overall main temperature in Sudan is 29 degrees. It varies in the rainy season only.

Best places to visit in Sudan

  • Lake Nassser-this place is largest man-made reservoir in the world. It is vast reservoir. The land around the Lake has been flooded many times and the people of this place have to resettle in another place. In this place there is vast number of migratory birds. The place is very attractive amidst the desert area. A fishery department and enclosure have been found around the Lake Nasser. There are many temples around the Lake, which has been moved to other place. The Lake is so big that Cruise has been sailed upon this Lake.
  • Dinder National Park-The area covered by the Park was massively populated and Europeans have invented it. The Mahdist war have vanished the population from this land. Dinder was established in the year 1935, as a park. This park enjoys the addition of World Network of Biosphere Reserves, in 1979.
  • Praia land is the famous place for sandy beaches. Here tourist does sunbathing, Water surfing, biking etc. The sand has been imported from the North Africa.
  • Sudan is the place where people enjoy their life amidst the dry weather. Here the natural beauty is quite dry but it attracts tourists throughout the year.

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