Where is Sapporo Located?


Sapporo is located in japan on Hokkaido island. It is a capital of Hokkaido. Elevation of Sapporo above sea level is 29 meters. Sapporo hosted first ever Olympics in Asia which is worldwide known as winter Olympics of 1972. It has a semi continental weather with freezing and cold winters. The time zone that it operates on is the JCST. It is an energetic urban city and you can avail all the facilities here. Here are some interesting Facts about Sapporo:

  1. It is fifth largest populated city.
  2. Largest city on the northern island of Hokkaido.
  3. In earlier periods area of Sapporo was called as Ishikari Plain.
  4. It has estimated population of 1,947,097 and growing.
  5. It is famous for snow festival which is held in February for seven continue days.
  6. Ramen is most popular and delicious food.
  7. One of the Japan’s uprising cities.
  8. It port city of japan located in southwest part of Hokkaido island.
  9. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Sapporo are 43.0621° N, 141.3544° E.
View of Sapporo in Winter
Sapporo during Winter

Sapporo initially was the home for a number of indigenous settlements that included the Ainu settlement. Then at the end of the edo period, in the year 1866 construction began which actually encouraged a number early settler who finally established the Sapporo village.

Hokkaido Imperial University is one of the finest Universities which aim for providing greatest quality of education to its students. First public transportation was officially started in 1930 by government. In 1945 during World War 2, 17.5 percent of city was destroyed resulting in many thousands of people become homeless, injured and few are dead. You can reach this city by different means of transportation like trains, buses and international airports. New Chitose Airport is main and busiest airports of Sapporo. Airport and train station are connected with each other for providing better services to people.

Position of Sapporo highlighted on a map
Location of Sapporo on Japan map

Sapporo Map with tourist places

Sapporo Japan points of interest

There are a lot of things to enjoy in this city. You will find the excellent food scene here along with the shopping galore, beautiful and stylish cafes, an excellent food scene and also a night life that is lit with neon lights. There are however some travelers who consider that there is nothing much worth seeing here. It is merely a transit hub from where you can actually get an access to the hot springs and the mountains of Hokkaido.

Sapporo however has its own charms. During the summer season you get to enjoy the food festivals and the beer here. Though it is very cold during the month of February however there are a number of people visiting this place to see the beautiful snow festival.

If you are really interested to visit some places in Sapporo then you can go through the list given below:

  1. Curb Market: Curb Market is known as the kitchen of Sapporo citizens. it contains different types of shops where you can buy fresh food like fish, fruits and vegetables.
  2. Akan Mashu National Park: This park was constructed in 1934 covering 904.81 km of area which makes it second largest park in japan. Park contain three lakes Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo and Lake Akan which provide clean water. due to its pure water this lake’s water looks transparent and crystal clear.
  3. Odori Park: Odori Park is approximately 1.5 kilometers long. it is filled with different varieties of flowers and trees. this is a place where you can relax and find peace. this park also has a 147-meter-long TV tower.
  4. Sapporo Beer Museum: Sapporo Beer Museum was opened in July 1987 to provide knowledge about process of brewing and making of beer. Sapporo Beer is one of the oldest beer brand in japan serving since 1877. Though the beer that you get in this place is not German beer, however this beer is also pretty good. You can actually take all your family members to this museum. You can move around the factory as well as the museum and find out how the beer is made. You are also able to get an idea about the history of beer in Japan.
  5. Maruyama Park: It is famous for Maruyama zoo and Hokkaido shrine. cherry blossoms in spring is great thing to enjoy. Zoo is Most popular leisure spot for tourist and people. where you can enjoy and see 180 species and 800 animals. You will find a lot of land in Sapporo. So, there is a lot of scope of making beautiful parks in this city. There are also different types of sculptures present in this city. There is also a small beach present in the park and this opens only during the summer. During the winter season you can ski here in these parks.
  6. Shiroi Koibito Park: Do you love to eat delicious cookies and chocolate, if yes, then this park is just for you. here you can buy different types of product and also don’t forget to check out the process of chocolate making in this park.
  7. Historical Village of Hokkaido: It is an outdoor museum that represents 19th century period into four different sections as Mountain village, farm village, fishing area and Urban Area.
  8. Sapporo Clock Tower: Tower was constructed in 1878 with western-style architect. it is oldest structure in Sapporo. it opens to public for 6 days a week and remain closed on Sunday.
  9. Susukino District: This is a nightlife district where tourist and people are mostly enjoying the city at night. located to the south of Sapporo station. it is famous for hotels, nightclubs and restaurants.
  10. Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium: Japanese entrepreneur named Kihachiro Okura constructed Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium in 1931.  Stadium hosted many sport events during 1972 Winter Olympics. you can enjoy ski jump here which is exciting and fabulous

If you are planning to visit a place where you will enjoy the beautiful sight as well as the food then Sapporo is undoubtedly the best option for you.


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