where is Peterborough, England located?


Peterborough is a flat topography of Northampton shire of England, where the river Nene flows in. The population here is living since Bronze age, and then the arrival of railways sees the boom of population in Peterborough. The Anglo-Saxon period witness the establishing of a monastery, which later became Peterborough Cathedral. Thus, the city is known as Cathedral City.

This city keeps long history to it. The city is a settlement of many sections. The permanently drained land for fens is the gift from the River Nene. Remains of Bronze Age settlement is there which can be found in archaeological site of Flag Fen which is now to the east of the city Center. The royalists’ forces went to Cambridge after a defeat and the parliamentary soldiers had ransacked the cathedral, destroyed the medieval decorations and records, high altar and choir stalls. Housing and sanitary improvements were affected under the provision of parliamentary act. The kingly administration was in function, but in 1874 municipal borough was incorporated and there were a Mayor, aldermen and Councilors to run the administration. Here in Peterborough a tradition has been followed meticulously.

A bridge fair granted to the abbey by King Henry VI, is still in practice. Prayers have been held in the morning at the opening of the fair inside the cathedral, followed by civic proclamation and sausage lunch at the town hall. The Mayor traditionally asked civilians to pay their dues and demands according to the law and behave soberly and civilly.

The city soars in hot during May to September around thirty degrees. This city has frosty weather about 152 days during October to April.

Peterborough, England things to do

  1. Flag fen – This is place of worship and ritual used by prehistoric fen people, which is built by 3300 years ago. The upright woods and horizontal beams are buried in this spot under the ground along with many swords and personal items.
  2. Peterborough Museum – This museum is a place to visit for students, guided tours. Here activities and special events occur. Here the collection comprises 200,000 items of national and international level on interactive display for all ages.
  3. Thorny Heritage Museum it is a beautiful place to visit who wants to relive the moments from Fenland village to modern day development. This site is open for few days of the year. Entry is free. So, you have calculated your visiting plan according to this.

Places of Visits are many in this world. Peterborough is a place where history lives at present. The history lovers will surely love this place.


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