Where is Okinawa

Okinawa is a well-known place in Japan. The place is known for the exclusive warm climate, bright green water, and the coral reefs. The place is an odd mixture of the Japanese resort hotels, American military camps, the local culture of the island Japanese resort hotels, and exotic pineapple plantations. If you want to be on the island it is best to gather information regarding Okinawa and its location.

Okinawa is the only place where climate plays an important role. The temperature during day and night is not the same. Thus, when you have the plan to visit the island you should pack things accordingly. The total population of Okinawa is 1,432,871. As part of the population, 703,808 are men, 729,063 are women and 572,542 are the households. This estimation was made on 1st February 2016. The total area of the island is 1,206.96 km² (466.01 sq. mi.). When trying to know all details of Okinawa you would know best as to the qualitative population of the place.

You may learn about various theories regarding the origin or the history of the place. The island is populated by the Minatogawa inhabitants. They are believed to come on the island of Okinawa 22,000 years ago. Some people are of the opinion that Minatogawa people have a Chinese origin. The conventional Okinawa cuisine is just fabulous. The tradition came into being at the time of the Great Trade era of the 14th century. The people are known to eat nutritionally balanced food. Most of the dishes are rich in vitamins, and these have contents of gourd and loofah. Pork makes a part of the Okinawa dishes.


Okinawa cherished knowledge and the set of skills which has been gained through trade and exchange with countries like China and Japan. The art of the place is greatly influenced by Noh and kabuki from Japan at the time of the 18th century. After the wartime, art started spreading in the hearts of the Okinawa people. The sense of art entered various regions and gained the best recognition in time.

When trying to know all about Okinawa, it becomes evident, that the island is full of healthy inhabitants. This is because the island is perfect with a mild climate, rich earth, beautiful ocean, and gentle people. The people of the island believe in the phrase “nuchi gusui”. This means the medicine of life. This is something used for the events which can heal both body and mind.

Top places to visit in Okinawa

Often referred to as Japanese Hawaii, Okinawa has everything that is required for a perfect vacation. But even after being such an amazing vacation spot, people often do not know where Okinawa is and what makes it so special. Amazing blue water, top-notch diving spots, and mouthwatering cuisines and more makes Okinawa a must-visit place is. People are familiar with only mainland cities of Japan like Tokyo, but today we will take you to Okinawa and next time when someone will ask you about Okinawa, you will definitely have an answer.

  • Okinawa is a beautiful place, which has almost 160 islands making it a must-visit place for island lovers. The best part about these Okinawa islands is that everyone here can go for scuba diving, no matter you are a trained scuba diver or not.
  • Okinawa is famous for its rice liquor as well, it is known as a unique Okinawan creation made from a distillation process. However, you need to be careful while drinking it as its taste can totally be deceptive. It will taste more like water but has almost 30% of alcohol in it.
  • If you love eating pork then Okinawa is a place for you. We all know that Japan is famous for its sushi, but Okinawa is known for its pork. The pig was introduced in the 15th century by the Chinese in Okinawa and since then Okinawa people enjoy every part of the pig except its squeal. Pork you will get in Okinawa will give your taste buds a heavenly experience. It will dissolve in your mouth in no time leaving you to crave some more of it.
  • If you want to treat your taste buds then go to local markets to find some amazing mouth-melting food. You will find some holes in the wall places catering best of the local food which you won’t find in any of the famous restaurants. Trust the owners of these places they will give you the best of the suggestions to eat according to your taste buds.
  • If you will search where is Okinawa, on the map, you may feel that it is a very tiny town but that is not the case. It takes several hours to travel from one end to another end of Okinawa. It is suggested to rent a car for your entire travel instead of hiring a cab which may cost you a lot of dollars. Renting a car will not only save your money but will also let you enjoy the drive on the smooth roads of Okinawa.

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