The geographical location has a much important impression on the people. Nigeria is located in the West of Africa. It is on the bank of the ocean’s gulf along the African guinea. It has a huge population by the latest census report. Nigeria has Benin to its west, Niger to the north, Cameroon, and Chad to its east. The Nigerian capital is Abuja. Lagos has been the country’s old port and economic hub for many years now; it is the largest city in Nigeria.

The African nation is rich with historical incidents. Nigeria is richer than in other African cities. The history dated back to the 5th century when first the Nigerian was living in the place. After the excavations we come to know there culture was known as Nok Culture. The terracotta figure was wonderfully expressive. The Neolithic tribes are known as nok people. Presently the place where the nok people used to live is in the north and northeast of Nigeria. Trade is following in this place.

About Nigeria

There are prominent reasons people know Nigeria. These points are obviously Oil, Lagos city, Entertainment, Terrorism, and Corruption. Oil is the best and over talked about the point about Nigeria. People used to collect Petroleum from this place for a long time. Lagos city is an old port that is known for its economical hub. It is the industrial hub; commercial powerhouse in the world. This place is the most sought after place for people all around the world. It is the melting pot of many cultures. This place is always busy with its business transactions. Nigerian administration and people are fighting religiously against Corruption and terrorism.

Climate – The weather in Nigeria is tropical hot. The temperature varies according to season. The season is dry majorly and the rain matters a lot in Nigeria. The rain produces extensive water supply in the areas. From late February rain starts and it reaches the northern part with lasting through September month.

Traveling in Nigeria – A secluded place above the Mountain range is known to place Obudu Mountain Resort. The natural and manmade intricacies in this place are approvable always. Ibeno Beach is the longest sand beach in West Africa. People gathered here for a retreat and sunbathing. The vast ocean offers many games to the tourists. Ngwo Pine forests in Africa are another escape route where the sun will peep into the green but the heat will be protected by the tall Pine trees. The love for nature is truly mesmerizing. One can come and traverse through Nigeria happily and explore a new place.

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