Where is Niagara Falls Located

The twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York lies on either side of a spectacular bunch of 3 waterfalls (Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls), it is rightly called as the ‘Honeymoon Capital of the World’. The falls are 27 km north-west of New York and 125 km south-east of Toronto and is a prime tourist attraction. The falls, together known as the Niagara Fall, shows a vertical drop of more than 50 m, and single-handedly offer industrial, commercial, and recreational uses.

This city area started developing since the American Revolutionary War following the European settlements in the seventeenth century which were the time when more people started living here.

The origin of the name is debated. The scholar Bruce Trigger said that the name was derived from a branch of people (the Niagagarega) of the Native Confederacy. Other reports say that it comes from an Iroquois town Ongniaahra meaning ‘point of land cut in two’. Some researchers argue that it means ‘neck of land ‘with the word Onyara meaning ‘neck’.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

The beauty of the falls had attracted the eyes of several travelers, explorers, artists, and even army men who left written records or painted pictures of the natural beauty that left them awestruck.

The Whirlpool Rapids Bridge was the first steel bridge to be constructed near the falls in 1897 to carry passenger vehicles from Canada to the U.S.A.

During the nineteenth century, tourism started flourishing and by mid-century, it turned out to be the main industry of the area.

Things to do in Niagara Falls and 5 BEST Places to Visit in Niagara Falls

Apart from the natural beauty that attracts tourists from all over the world, there are observation towers, high-rise hotels, souvenir shops, museums, casinos, theaters, indoor water parks, golf courses, and a lot more. Some of the highlighted tourist spots that you might not want to miss are listed below:

Of course, the first and foremost, the picturesque Niagara Falls. You can book various online as well as offline tickets to avail cruises, sailing tours, tours on special hours, speed boat tours, and customized private tours to enjoy the beauty and live the moment. Some other points of interest are:

  1. The Horseshoe Falls which is the largest of the 3 falls also is a favorite spot to explore.
  2. The Niagara Glen Nature Areas and the White-Water Walk are a favorite among hikers.
  3. The Whirlpool Aero Car is also a popular tramway for a serene view.
  4. For a nice day out with your family, opt for the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory, Queen Victoria Park, Botanical garden, the Sky-wheel, Bird Kingdom, and the list of theme parks and bridges and natural parks to roam about goes unending.

So, the next time you get a vacation, make sure to plan a trip to Niagara, which is undoubtedly one of the most breath-taking tourist-favorite locations of the world.

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