Where is Mumbai Located?


Mumbai, a place where life never stops is the city of dreams, passion, and money. Being the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, there is hardly anyone who haven’t heard the name of Mumbai. Most travel enthusiasts have been to Mumbai and know where Mumbai is, however, if you do not know much about Mumbai, here is everything you need to know about this amazing place.

Mumbai, located on Salsette Island in Maharashtra, is the most populous city in India. It is home to approximately 20 million people, it has only 1.1 sq. meter open space per person. But, being the most populous city does not stop it from being the wealthiest city in India. In the year 2008, Mumbai was honoured as an Alpha World City. The Dharavi slum located in Mumbai is the biggest slum area in Asia and probably the most expensive one. If you wish to construct a house in the Dharavi Slum Area, you need to have a budget of at least $4500, which apparently is the huge amount to build a house in the slum area.


Mumbai is also regarded as the Entertainment capital of India. It is the place where Indian cinema was born. Dadsaheb Phalke laid the foundation of Marathi cinema, which is better known as Bollywood today. Since then, Bollywood has become the heart of Mumbai. It is said that the “B” of Bollywood has taken from Mumbai’s former name “Bombay.”

Mumbai is the home to many celebrities and eminent personalities. Also, the city boasts as the birthplace of many legends around the world. Zubin Mehta, world’s best orchestra conductor was born in Mumbai. Also, writers like Rudyard Kipling and Salman Rushdie were born and brought up in Mumbai and later shifted their base abroad. Mumbai has something for everyone, the city welcomes everyone with open hands. Mumbai is all about traditions, food, music and not to forget, theatre. It has opportunities for everyone, you just need to grab them right.

Gateway of India

Mumbai is such a huge city; it may take you several hours to reach from one place to another. However, the transport system in Mumbai is well planned and caters the need of all Mumbaikars. It has the biggest railway network in the entire country. Its large connectivity from the coastal area and natural harbour makes it a major route for shipping. Mumbai is a place that never sleeps, it just keeps on going. Now that you know about Mumbai, plan out a trip and explore one of the best city in India.

Mumbai points of interest and tourist attractions map


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