Where is Medicine Hat

A medicine that is located at the heart of the city. It is the hat of the renowned medicine man. His sculptured mural is in the city hall for display.

The story behind the medicine and the mural is interesting. The Blackfoot word for the eagle tail is there to talk about. It is in Alberta and 112 km² in size. It is also named after horses exhibiting a rare and unique pattern of color. Mostly in the body, it is white and the other parts like ear, top of the head are different. The chest is called the shield. There are many factors which are making this place popular. The hardy native cottonwood trees, a sloping valley with covering waterways, migratory bison herds, and humans have made this place popular. Here excavations take place. The Canadian pacific rail and frontier Canadian settlement has made the Medicine Hat extraordinary.

Climate here is moderate as it tapes highest temperature of 42 degrees and lowest temperature as minus 46 on February.

Things to do in medicine hat

  • Red Rock Coulee has the best feature because of its natural landscape, red boulders. They are scattered in small and relatively distance, you can see them near. Bedrock is covered the surface area which is a thin layer of soil. The group of color is evident in the exposed bedrock. They are of dark-gray shale, greenish and, botanic clay gray sandstone, and thin layers of ironstone.
  • Strathcona Island Park is the walking trail on the river bank from Medicine Hat, along five kilometers. There are picnic areas and barbecues areas for the public. There are playgrounds too. Baseball diamond, water playground, and boat launch for the recreational part. Alberta is a beautiful natural area. It has a lion Park.
  • Kin Coulee Park – This place is loved by tranquil nature lovers. The visitor here will explore the nature of serene green and river amidst it. There are lots of trails, greenery, and playground to pass your time. Toboggan hill, paved trails, wedding area, outdoor facilities all make this place a craving point of Canada.

Every place has its history. Canada is a small country where the small suburbs have given it variety. In Canada, the climate has largely humid. There are places which are cold and there are places which are hot which produce a thunderstorm. The weather variation is one of the reasons people live here in a small number. Here the provincial government provides classes that can be utilized by travelers and overseas willing students. You can reserve this place by making an advance booking. Governmental help is always there.

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