Mauritius is known as the place for various and beautiful flora and fauna. It is a place for DODO, in the entire world. People living here are Mauritians or Indian; there is a debate. We love the places and culture of Mauritius. About History – It was a Dutch colony first. British take over the colony in 1810. Later they have achieved Independence. The UK removed the archipelago from Mauritian territory in 1965. It is a multi-religious, multi-ethnic place where people speak in many languages. The place is well known for practicing democracy, political freedom, economical transparency. It is divided into 9 places, like villages, towns, and cities.

Climate – In this place, the weather remains mid tropical. Here the major two seasons are winter and summer. The summer is warm and humid. It extends from November to April and the winter season remains from June to September. The transitional season is there in the country in the month of October and May.

Places to travel in Mauritius

  • Blue Bay is the place where people love to go repeatedly. Here the snorkeling happens like nothing. One can enjoy this ocean activity in full motion. There are many seaside resorts. So, people or tourists can enjoy the parks, lagoons and beach activities.
  • Tamarin Bay is a picturesque place in Mauritius. This place is important as it was the seat of the district council of Black River. It is on the west coast of the Island. It is the village of fishermen. It is the main salt pan of the island. Dolphins are found in coastal areas often. It has a surfing spot on the islands.
  • Port Louis is in Mauritius and it is the capital. It is famous for its French colonial lifestyles. Architectures and historical richness attract many tourists throughout the year. The waterfront and the visuals of the Caudan place are known for shopping and grandeur dining facility. Here the local market offers fresh vegetables, crafts from local places. The blue penny museum, Natural history museum, Mauritius Postal museum all are very attractive places in this land.
  • Chamarel is the scenic place on this island. It is located in the Riviere Noir District. Volcanoes, waterfalls, adventure is there in the islands to attract many foreigners. Here people can witness nature at its peak around the volcano. The waterfalls present a lively and soothing experience to people.
  • People love the place Mauritius for many years now. We know that it is very engaging and educational to travel and be in the new place for once.

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