Where is Japan

Japan is a beautiful place that has a very rich historical culture. All the architecture that is present in Japan is more than 250 years old. If you visit Japan then you will get to visit a country that is steeped in culture as well as tradition. The people here are also extremely generous. Holidaying here will surely be a great advantage. There are also instances where people have liked this place so much that they have started residing in this place.

  • If you visit Japan you get the opportunity to stay in the pod hotels. These hotels are also referred to as the capsule hotel. The rooms are very tiny however, you are able to get the facilities of the spa treatment, luxury toiletries, and other high-tech facilities here. Some of these facilities include tablets and humidifiers.
  • If you visit Japan during the spring season then the beauty of the cherry blossoms will surely mesmerize you. Moreover, even during the autumn season, you get to see the beautiful gold and autumn leaves.
  • You can also get to visit the Disney theme park located here
  • You can also bathe in the forest of Japan. Here bathing does not mean literally bathing in water. On the other hand, it means the time you spend in the forest. Over the years it has been observed that forest bathing actually helps you to improve your overall health. The immune system is improved and it also lowers down your blood pressure levels.
  • You also get to see the holy deer temple. This is one of the most beautiful temples that has large doors and there is also a beautiful and huge Bronze Buddha temple.
  • There are also a number of places in Japan where you get to taste the coffee. In fact, Japan is a place where you get to enjoy the coffee that has an animal theme.

History of Japan

Japan is a small country that attracts a lot of visitors every year. However, the history and the formation are both long and rich. The history of Japan begins around 10, 000 BC and early inhabitants started to live their life by hunting and fishing. In 300 BCE, rice was introduced to Japan by Korea. Japan became the unified state after a few centuries. During 400 CE, it received weapons and other tools from Korea and China. Japan formed a centralized government during 710 CE to 794 CE and Buddhism became the national religion and Nara was made as to the capital.

Japan from 794 CE to 1333 CE

Japan came under the control of Kyoto’s rule and they used Nara for administration purposes for more than 1000 years. The period from 794 CE to 1185 CE is called as the Heian Period and the capital was changed from Nara to Heian. Many buildings were built based on the Chinese gird pattern modules. On the other hand, the city witnessed a native Japanese culture that began to grow which improved arts, poetry, and so on. The period from 1185 CE to 1333 CE was called the Kamakura period and Zen Buddhism from China spread throughout the country.

Japan from 1336 CE to 1603 CE

The period from 1336 CE to 1573 CE is called the Muromachi period and good trade relations were established with China which helped to grow the economy. At the same time, famine and civil wars started to begin during the years 1467-1477 CE. The period from 1573 CE to 1603 CE is called as the Azuchi Momoyama period. Temples replaced great castles and mansions during this time. Moreover, the Japanese started to trade with Europeans during this era.

Japan from 1603 CE to 1912 CE

The period from 1603 CE to 1868 CE is called an Edo period which transformed into a great country. Architecture, weaving, and other activities developed during this period. The Meiji period started to rule the country from 1868 CE which brought many changes. Apart from that, the government encouraged industrialization for improving the economy. The defense forces such as the Navy, Army, and police forces were formed to protect the nation. Japan also introduced railway stations and education systems for the general public. The Japanese people started to follow western culture during the 1920s.

Japan after 1912 CE

Japan started to grow during the Taisho period after 1912 CE. However, major cities in Japan became the targets of atom bombing attacks during World War II. The nation saw huge destruction in 1944. On the other hand, Japan started to recover slowly after the World War and the economy of the country developed at breakneck speeds by the 1960s and 1970s. It even hosted the 1964 Olympics and 1970 Osaka Expo successfully which brought attention to other countries. Today, Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world that offer financial assistance to other countries for developing important projects in infrastructure and other sectors.

Japan tourist places

There are a number of places in Japan that are worth visiting. So, if you are planning to go for a holiday destination then you can surely visit this place. The beautiful architecture here along with the scenic beauties will surely provide you with a great experience. This place will surely provide you with very good value for your money. The people of Japan are also quite friendly. So, you would for sure love this place and would want to visit here repeatedly.

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