Ghana is the place for Gold. People gathered here for the trading of Gold. Now the chocolate has replaced it. Cadbury’s made of chocolate mainly comes from Ghana. Presently they are famous for diamonds, many types of Woods also. Ghana is in Africa. The country has made its name prominent with its exporting materials.

History – Ghana is one of the first independent countries in Africa. The empire seemed broken up after the 1076 conquest. In Africa, the agricultural Extension started from 600 AD. In the southern parts of Sahara, region farming gives rise to village establishment. Later the Ashanti people ethnic group operated the first loose government and as a centralized empire kingdom.

Climate – The Equator has passed through this place, Ghana on the north side. The north of Ghana is a hot and dry place. Ghana in the southwest corner is humid too. The east of Ghana is dry and warm also. A desert wind flows in on the northeast of Ghana. Here the days are scorching and the night pleases the sense with its cool wind. The average temperature is 30 degrees. Here rainy season is maintained between the bimodal seasonal changes.

Travel destinations in Ghana

Accra – The capital city of Accra has a famous park named after President Kwame Nkrumah. Here the National Museum celebrates the Ghana Culture. The Aburi Botanical Gardens has tall palm trees.

Osu Castle or Fort Christians Borg is a famous castle in Ghana. This substantial fort was built by Norway Denmark people. Here the bird sanctuary, facing the Ocean is one of the vising spots in Ghana.

Kumasi is the capital in the Ashanti region, in southern Ghana. Here the main attraction can be open-air Kejetia Market. Here tourists can enjoy crafts and their workshops. Dance performances happen too to entertain tourists. Here one can find Glass beads to Ashanti special sandals. The Kumasi Fort and Military museum offer artifacts, medals, Photographs of the Ashanti-British wars. Owabi wildlife centuries are center for Birds and other animals.

Kokrobite is another place where beautiful beaches will attract visitors throughout the year. The white sand and sans surfing is famous. Here the sea fishing has taken place too. The open beach nightlife is one of the favorite time passes for city dwellers and travelers al across the world. The Ghana area is known for its humid weather, Chocolate, Gold. The adversities make this place more attractive.

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