Where is Fukushima

Fukushima is the third largest prefecture in Japan. It stretches over 150 kilometers from the mountainous interiors to the pacific coast. There is also a no-entry zone that is established around the nuclear plant. This place makes up less than almost 3% of the actual area. But tourists can visit the other parts of this city.

There is a lot of natural beauty in Fukushima. There are also a number of leisure sites and historical places here. You will get the opportunity to see the beautiful volcanic landscapes in this place. There are some beautiful cherry blossoms, some beautiful hot water springs, autumn color spots, and also some magnificent volcanic landscapes here. You will also get to see some prominent castle towns, Spa resort, and also some pleasant ski resorts here. The first theme park in Japan is also located here.

This place is unique and will surely provide you with a memorable experience. The people in Fukushima are also very friendly and good. Apart from the scenic beauty, it is also the people in Fukushima who make it a beautiful place to live in.

Things to do in Fukushima

This is the home for a variety of history and local traditions. Edo-era lodging is the perfect place where tired travelers can take rest. Here you will also be able to enjoy the dance of a very brave woman disguised as a man. You also get to know about the hula dancing which actually saved the local economy of the place. Apart from these, you will also get to know about some of the fantastic stories that are relating to the history of Hiroshima.

This is the perfect place for hiking in both the summer as well as the spring season. The summer and the spring season are painted in the shades of gold as well as brown. There are also lush mountains in Fukushima and these get transformed into the beautiful ski resorts during the winter season. If you visit this place during the winter season you will surely get to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Fukushima is a beautiful place and so visiting this place during the spring season will also be a very good idea. You will get to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in this place during this season. There are also a lot of good places for accommodation here. So, you will surely enjoy staying in this place.

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