The area is found on the volcanic archipelago, and the famous part belongs to the 400 miles off the western Africa. The islands were unpopulated. Portuguese invaders first try to live there and the trading slaves made the land popular.

  • The people of this land has transformed in Portugal nationalism, in 1951.
  • In 1956, the land has organized a movement for independence. The emergence of social, economical and political change was needed.
  • he Portugal movement broke out, in 1961. The conflict between local people against Africa and Portuguese is remarkable.
  • The weather in this country remains scattered most of the time because of their extremer windy and erratic weather.
  • The weather here is very warm and humid. The temperature goes high up to 26 degrees. The winter season is also very dramatic here. The climate is good enough to swim and hike at any time of the year. The climate varies from morning to night. From November to March the hot sands and winds flow from the Sahara Islands.
  • The rainy season is from the end of August to October.
  • The land offers trekking at its best. The land is full of mountains, scenery, topical, beaches, and deep oceans. The sailing and windsurfing are enjoyed by the tourist very much. Trekking is one of the best attractions for the people who try to enjoy the trip like a hippie. The local and foreign tourists are trying to have the best of time with these activities.
  • Santiago- The largest island that is Santiago is famous for its rich history. One is attracted to historical places then, Santiago is the ultimate destination for them. San Cristobal Hill in Santiago is important for mountain biking and hiking. Young tourists love mountain biking. The group of people take bikes and start their journey. The mountain heights give ad reline rush to the people.
  • Praia- Praia is another place where a lively market and happening live music play an important part to bring the foreigners here repeatedly.
  • Mindelo- Sao Vicente and the town of Mindelo have many musicians and they are pioneers in playing live music. Sao Vicente is considered to be the mainland of cultural practices.
  • People enjoy the weather in Cape Verde, in February and the festivals take place at this time. From November to April the tourist gathers in many numbers.
  • People love to travel and explore many places. Cape Verde is one of the places where tourists come happily.

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